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pressed and gilded covers using deep-etched or carved embossing plates in an etching press.

Another kind of beauty – embossed metal for covers

The last thing i did before we rushed off to Gisborne for Christmas with daughter and her doglet Honey, was to put this book (my volume I of Apples of Aeden, The Girl and the Guardian) together, using an experimental embossing I did years ago. It was a friend’s mother’s silver foil, not sure if it’s pewter or what, but it embossed easily using my standard method – roller pressing rubber sheet which presses the cover sheet into an embossing pattern carved 1-2mm deep. I cut the embossed silver into a front, back, and spine section and hot-glued them onto the black cloth of the hardback cover. the Set glue fills the embossed hollows so they don’t get squashed.

I plan to make more, using copper foil probably.¬† Note the burnt edge – could be marbled, or gilt, or silver? Price for this limited edition book? Probably $195 – $295 retail. Any ideas for an heirloom book you would like in THIS medium? I can design and make it for you as the book wizard, or you can join new leaf and do your own…

All is possible, given the will to beauty…

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How we plan to do the covers of books

Part of the setup cost for a local New Leaf group will be the setup to print our own covers (paperback style or modified paperback) in colour.

For full colour paperback (‘Limp’) covers:

We are looking at the best mix, either pigment inkjet and a method for sealing it (I have a few non-solventy options), or colour laser.

The limitation with the laser is card thickness – covers should be 250 gsm at least, preferably 280 or 300. Most lasers don’t go that thick. So i suspect we will go the ‘in-house’ inkjet option plus a good laser copier service for bigger runs (should be under a dollar for a full-colour A5 cover on 280 gsm laser card), and of course even offset for 500 or more could be an option.

but most runs i imagine for most of us will be more like 10 or 20. The beauty of the shared workshop is you can make lots of little experiments with your books, and test the market. In today’s world, this is the best approach!

For my own embossed cover method:

this is all in-house, and almost unique. info provided freely as part of the ‘seed knowledge’ I am putting into NLN, and gear for doing it probably an optional extra purchase for a group.see this pdf poster I did for my ‘blank books’ which use the method:

new flyer for eutopia blank books and burnt books 17 02 10

I have been experimenting with another cover method, which is exciting: using high-quality pulp such as flax pulp and moulding covers, complete with embossed Рor low-relief Рeffects. Like a cast, carved or embossed  hardback. Could be wonderful! This leaf is an early experiment with newspaper pulp:



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